X.  Mark Reblin:

     1. Update Water/Sewer Projects:  BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy advised we submitted 3 grant applications about a month ago. Murphy got in touch with SRWM and the applications are still being reviewed hopefully by February 8 or 9th they will come out with their first set of review comments, eventually there will be a list of recommendations that will go to the board. Mr. Murphy stated the three applications that were submitted were for septic to sewer project in Jena, water main upgrade in Jena and Riverside west and east water main replacement. The Riverside central project and the meter replacement project has been funded but we haven’t gotten the grant agreement from DEP yet and advised he will find out the status and hopefully have the agreement by the next board meeting.

GM Reblin advised he meet with well drilling company to discuss doing a test well and they will research it.

            5. Miscellaneous: GM Reblin also stated that he would like to purchase a mini excavator, we are doing a lot of work and we really need one.  Board Member Ridgeway asked what price range are you thinking of and where will the money come from? GM Reblin advised he doesn’t want to go over $40,000 and advised we would take it from the grinder/meter account. Board Member McKinnon made a motion to move forward with the having GM Reblin research and find one then bring back to the board. Board Member Della Poali seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

GM Reblin wanted to discuss rates and fees, he wanted to come back to the board with some options and discuss it. The price of everything has gone up. Board Member Ridgeway suggest that we put this on the agenda for the next board meeting. BBWA Attorney Mark Logan stated he thinks what GM Reblin is trying to say is he would to put this on the agenda in the future for discussion.  Chairman Hart agreed. GM Reblin advised rates have not been raised since 2015. Board Member Newman asked is it possible to bring the increase of chemicals etc. so we could show and maybe a price list of where we are at and where others are at so we can show.  GM Reblin advised he does have data. Board Member Newman said that way you can show justification for the increase. Board Member Corbin asked would we have a public meeting, yes, if we decide to pursue a change there will be. Board Member McKinnon asked didn’t we discuss before trying to come up with like an indigent fund for customers not being able to pay a bill.  Board Member McKinnon asked to have indigent fund put on next month’s agenda for discussion.

XI. Mark Logan: None