position. Dixie County Board of Commissioners seated Howard Hart for the 2 year Dixie County position. Chairman Hart asked did we have a candidate for the floater, Board Member Corbin recommended Michael Della Poali (homestead in Jena) for the Dixie County floater 1 year term. Vice Chairman McKinnon recommend Joe Hunt (homestead Jena).  The vote to elect Michael Della Poali was 3 votes Board Members Michael Newman, Margaret Corbin and Stan Ridgeway and 2 votes for Joe Hunt, Board Members Wendell McKinnon and Howard Hart. Michael Della Poali won vote 3-2 and is floater for 1 year Dixie County. The seating of new officers will be on next months agenda.

IX. Mark Reblin:

  1. Ranking of Projects:  Upon discussion of the ranking of projects, Board Member Corbin made a motion to flip priority number 3 extend water system to phase out private wells and number 6 test well for future wellfield. Board Member Ridgeway seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.
  2. Loan application/water system improvement: BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy spoke about the loan application, the resolution needs to be approved and signed. The total amount which does not include capital interest is $1,126.584 for 20 years.  Board Member Ridgeway made a motion to move forward.  Board Member McKinnon seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous. GM Reblin gave an update on the septic to sewer project. GM Reblin advised that we are a million dollars short on the project based on what the bid was. He spoke to the contractor he has extended the bid for 30 more days to see if we can get this funding. Reblin stated if we don’t get the additional funding we will have to go at project at a different approach. We may have to take parts of the project out, we should know something soon.

Update on sewer plant construction:  GM Reblin advised we are still waiting on electrical material. The plant is pretty much installed, the tanks are in, piping done we have to do fencing and seeding. On the new piece of property we discussed the need for design of the additional ponds it is in the works. They took the dirt from the new property and moved it over to the new plant. Board Member Ridgeway asked will anything be done on the road going into the sewer plant. GM Reblin advised probably not with this money he doesn’t think we will have any money left. He advised there was some dirt left over he thinks we can use. Board Member Ridgeway asked if the modeling of the water system