XI.  Announcements: The next board meeting will be Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.



                                    Public Hearing for Water Facilities Plan




  1. Presentation by BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy: BBWA Mike Murphy gave update on water facilities plan supplement 1. The reason we are having to the supplement plan 1 is the original had to be redone due to having to remove the transit line which will cost more. Mr. Murphy advised he got the needed information on the meters.  The meters will have the ability with acoustics to find water leaks, we went through the alternative analyst the 5 different options. Board Member Ridgeway from what I understood we voted on 1. meter replacement, Jena, then Riverside Drive, in phasing order. Mr. Murphy advised that in the last board meeting the board voted and approved the reversal of phase 2 and 3 it didn’t get into the table correct (verbiage).  Chairman Hart asked Mr. Murphy what is the difference in cost if you change the projects.  Mott McDonald Engineer Amir Zafar answered the question stating that the funding deadline is Monday to get the application in. If you want to change it we will not have time to change it. Chairman Hart asked do we or have we requested the money to do the projects. Mr. Zafar advised that this year DEP has more money than they did last year so you can potentially get twice as much money as you had before, we are on a time crunch to get request in. Board Member Ridgeway, with what Mr. Zafar stated we don’t have a choice at this time. I agree we need to go ahead with what he said.  There was a brief discussion on the pricing of the water meters. Chairman Hart asked are we asking for 5 million? Mr. Zafar stated what ever the maximum is we are going to ask for it.

II.                 Public Comments: None