Update on Projects:  GM Reblin asked BBWA Engineer Michael Murphy to give an update on Water project. Engineer Murphy advised Mott McDonald is designing the water main replacement (transit pipe) on Riverside and approximately a mile in Jena. DOT is requiring the cleanup of asbestos during this project. Engineer Murphy discussed replacement of water meters, hopefully in August we will get funding for this. Murphy advised the water facility plan will have to be amended due to the length of the pipe on Riverside because the work at the new marina was replaced and there is a gap between projects. Chairman Hart asked Mr. Murphy was he saying we need to install new meters before replacing the transit line? Mr. Murphy stated yes. General Manager Reblin stated the new meters has an ultrasonic device that can detect leaks; thus, we are thinking it would be making it easier to find the water loss. The transit line replacement is probably going to be double to what we had anticipated, our thinking is if we replace the meters first, we could isolate the location where it is leaking the most. Replacing the meters will also gain revenue as some of the old meters are not working. Board Member Ridgeway stated that the last 2 meetings it was discussed that the DOT may require removal of the transit pipe when replacing the water lines. Board Member Ridgway stated if the DOT requires the removal of the transit lines when replacing the water lines, he will be against the replacement of the water lines at this time due to cost and funds. Board Member Ridgeway stated he would reconsider when it is absolutely necessary.  GM Reblin gave an update on the Waste Water Treatment Plant.  He stated the grout injections are complete along with the pipes.  Ready for the new tanks to be installed.  Board Member Ridgeway had a question about the electrical being delayed.  GM Reblin stated that it is still currently delayed with no projected date yet.  The Septic to Sewer Project is ready for final internal review and then be sent to the county for permits.  The DEP permit has been obtained. The Water Distribution System Improvement Project has had 30% of plans submitted, the survey was completed and we are quickly moving toward 60% of the documents.  The hydraulic modeling for this project is underway.  The Riverside Drive Water Main Extension has also had 30% of the plans submitted and we are approaching 60% of documents.  The