1. RIBS Expansion Project is under legal review at this time with Mott McDonald and we will be receiving it for further consideration upon completion of the review.
  2. Miscellaneous:  GM Reblin stated that we will begin to work on the budget for next year in the coming week.  Board Member Ridgway asked if the new budget will include increased rates for new installations.  GM Reblin stated that they can be included.  Board Member Ridgeway replied that it would be nice to have the rates start in October which is the beginning of our physical year.  GM Reblin gave an update on the new marina; we have been working several days a week to complete the tie in and it should be complete the end of the coming week.  We have also compiled information for a newsletter.  It will more than likely be a quarterly newsletter on what’s happening at BBWA.  GM Reblin also wanted to make sure with the Board that it was ok to pay the engineers and contractors, BBWA will be reimbursed for these.  The checks are for $150,126 & $160,665.  Chairman Hart stated that as long as the Board had approved the projects that he would have no issues signing the checks.  Board Member Ridgeway stated that if he wanted a motion & approval that wouldn’t be a problem again.  Board Member Ridgeway made a motion for approval to sign the checks and Board Member Newman seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

IX. Mark Logan:

      a. Miscellaneous: None

X.  Board Members’ Request: Chairman Hart asked if was in the contracts of the Board Engineer and Board Attorney that they be present at each meeting?  Board Member Ridgeway stated that the teleconference stared due to Covid-19 and needs to be re-evaluated. Board Member Newman had a citizen approached him with a question about BBWA staff assisting a contractor at sites.  GM Reblin stated that this does happen occasionally and that the contractor is charging a daily fee for his crew to assist BBWA staff during these times.  BBWA does bill the customer for the extra help.

XI. Announcements: The next board meeting is Thursday, June 2 at 5pm.

XV.  Adjournment.   The BBWA Board Meeting adjourned at 6:01 pm.