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OCTOBER 1, 2020


BBWA Board Members Present: Howard Hart, Wendell McKinnon, Margaret Corbin, and Stan Ridgeway

BBWA Board Members absent:  W.C. Mills


BBWA Employees present: Mark Reblin, Laura Valentine and Vickie Webb

Via Teleconference: BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy and BBWA Attorney Mark Logan


I.       Call to Order: Chairman Hart called the meeting to order at 5:00p.m.

II.     Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance: Vice Chairman McKinnon gave the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Chairman Hart welcomed new employee Vickie Webb to BBWA. Agenda item 3, election of officers (under Mark Reblin)was moved up to Agenda Item III.

III.  Election of Officers:  Board member Mills was not present therefore the appointment of floater position representing Dixie county was tabled. Board Member Ridgeway made a motion to keep the board officers the same -   Chairman Howard Hart, Vice Chair Wendell McKinnon and Secretary/Treasurer Margaret Corbin.  Vice Chairman McKinnon seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.  Chairman Hart asked Mr. Newman our newly elected County Commissioner when he will be sworn in.  Mr. Newman stated it should be after the general election (between the 4th – 16th of November).

IV.  Approval of Agenda: Board Member Ridgeway asked if we planned to have a meeting in November. GM Reblin stated yes, it is planned for November 5th. Board Member McKinnon made a motion to approve the agenda.  Board Member Corbin seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

V.    Approval of September 3, 2020 Minutes:  Board Member McKinnon made a motion to approval the September minutes.  Board Member Corbin seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

V. Approval of August Invoices: Chairman Hart advised the bills paid folder is here if any anyone would like to look come early and look at them.  Board Member McKinnon made a motion to approve the August invoices.  Board member Corbin seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

VI.              Approval of August Financials: Board Member Corbin made a motion to approve the financials. Board Member McKinnon seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

VII.           Citizens Input:  None

VIII.         Mark Logan:

1.     Miscellaneous: Attorney Logan advised that the Governor has issued an executive order that all future meetings of public boards will resume meeting in person starting in November.

IX.               Mark Reblin:

1.     Discussion of Vacuum Trailer: GM Reblin discussed the purchase of  vacuum equipment (information included in board packet) he would like to purchase.  GM Reblin stated the funds will come out of the grinder reserve fund. There was discussion of what the vacuum will be used for.  The price for it is $28,500 for used equipment and $38,000 for new.  Board Member Ridgeway stated it will be an asset to the Authority.  He asked after so many months if something did happen will they warranty it.  GM Reblin advised yes they will. Chairman Hart stated if the vendor will give us 90 days plus demonstrate using it he will make a motion to buy it.  Board Member McKinnon seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

2.     Discussion of alternative water facility plan: Engineer Mike Murphy reviewed the information in the board packet on making a recommendation on the water facility plan.  There was a discussion; Board Member McKinnon asked if we start replacing pipe where would we start if we get into this project.  Engineer Murphy advised that at the next meeting he will have more information as to where we will need to start, Murphy stated the new pipe would run beside the old line. Board Member Ridgeway asked if he will share what he got from DOT at the next board meeting. Board Member Ridgeway commented that the project being discussed is going to cost a lot of money and we have not had an increase in income; right now we are spending a lot of money on the sewer expansion. He feels we need to wait and see what the sewer expansion is going to end up costing.  Board Member Ridgeway stated he thinks we need a lot more information on this first and we need to see a map so we can see and understand it, and that we are moving way too fast. GM Reblin stated that DOT has nothing to do with this that was something different.  Board Member Ridgeway asked do we have a grant right now for the water facility plan. When did we get it?  Engineer Murphy advised yes, it is a 50/50 grant we got it last year, we have been approved but have not started doing anything yet. Board Member Ridgeway asked could he be brought up to date on this at the next board meeting. It was decided to have more information and a map presented at the next board meeting for the water facility plan.

3.     Miscellaneous: GM Reblin advised we have received the RFQ for the engineer request.  There was one that was late due to the FedEx truck got stuck and could not get it here in time it was dated before the cut off.  It was agreed upon to go ahead and accept it. General Manager Reblin, Garrett Dodd and Board Member Ridgeway will go over the submissions.


X.                   Board Members’ Request: None

XI.                Adjournment: Chairman Hart made a motion to adjourn.  Board

                   Member Corbin seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous,

                          Meeting adjourned at 6:33 p.m.














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Laura Valentine, Clerk                                                        Howard Hart, Chairman