Meeting Reports

  1. BBWA Attorney Mark Logan stated that he has been reviewing the documents for the WWTP Expansion and all is rolling forward.  Board Member Ridgeway asked Attorney Logan about his previous inquiry about removing a Board Member.  Attorney Logan responded that the BBWA Board can recommend removal but only the affiliated county can remove the Board Member.  Chairman Hart asked about changing the terms of the floater from a 1-year term to a 2-year term.  Attorney Logan stated that it needs to be put as an item on the next meeting’s agenda for discussion.  Board Member Newman stated that he would like to see it advertised before seating.
  2. Board Members Request:  Board Member McKinnon asked GM Reblin about the land that was being purchased from Mr. Cooey.  Gm Reblin responded that BBWA wanted the three parcels and before the next meeting, he hopes to have closed on one before the project begins.

Board Member Ridgeway asked about the employment status.  GM Reblin stated that we did have an applicant come in today but all in all help has been hard to find.  Board Member Mills asked if we could change the probation period from the current 90 days to 1 year.  Attorney Logan stated that it needed to be an agenda item at the next meeting to discuss.  Board Member Newman stated that the county was moving forward with the parking lot on 1st & 17th and that the 3 meters that are there would need to be taken care of.  Raising them or building a barrier around them to protect them. 

  1. Announcements:  Next meeting December 16, 2021 at 3pm.
  2. Adjournment:  The BBWA Board Meeting adjourned at 5:53pm. 

Attest:                                                                         Wendell McKinnon

Laura Valentine                                                          Vice Chairman