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July 8, 2021


BBWA Board Members present: Stan Ridgeway, Michael Newman, Margaret Corbin,  and Wendell McKinnon

BBWA Board Members absent:  Howard Hart, W.C. Mills and Melvin Corbin III


BBWA Employees present: Mark Reblin, Laura Valentine and Vickie Webb

Via teleconference: BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy

Absent:  BBWA Attorney Mark Logan


                                                PUBLIC BUDGET WORKSHOP

I.       Call to order: Vice Chairman McKinnon called the meeting to order at 5:08 p.m.

II.     Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance: Vice Chairman McKinnon gave the invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

III.  Consideration and Adoption of Proposed Budget for FY2021-2022: The Board reviewed the budget. Board Member Ridgeway asked why the projected amount for water installations were high? GM Reblin stated this is based off the demand for new installations.  Board Member Ridgeway asked were the customers paying for this? Reblin stated yes customers are paying for the installations, and we currently have 14 requests for just new installations for water (6 financed) so far this year we have had 24 new water installs. Ridgeway asked did we have many that are financed, Reblin stated it is a mixture of both. We don’t come out and say we finance unless the customer asks. Upgrade water meters had no figures money goes into the reserve account that line will be removed. Replacing meters this will be under the water project, to be discussed in the regular meeting. Board Member Ridgeway also asked why the proposed budget has a decrease for accounting and an increase for clerical.  GM Reblin advised the girls are doing both jobs so it balances out.  One field has an increase the other a decrease. Board Member Ridgeway asked why chemicals were up for proposed year.  GM Reblin advised this is also based on demand for service. Board Member Ridgeway asked why the capital improvements increased and the credit card fees decreased. GM Reblin responded we need to put more money aside for capital improvements because of increase of demand.  The credit fees decrease is because we are now passing that fee to the customer.

IV.  Public Comment: None

V.    Board Member Comment: None

VI.  Closed Public Workshop:  Meeting adjourned at 5:53




I.                    Call to Order: Vice Chairman McKinnon called meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

II.                 Approval of Agenda: Board Member Newman made a motion to approve the agenda.  Board Member Ridgeway seconded the motion. All agreed to pass motion.

III.                Approval of June 3, 2021 Minutes: Board Member Ridgeway made a motion to approve minutes with discussion.  Board Member Newman seconded with motion.  Board Member Ridgeway noted that Board Member Melvin Corbin III was present at the June 2021 meeting, also board members names (Mills and Ridgway) were left off the motion to purchase the chevy truck. The minutes will be amended. The vote was unanimous.

IV.              Citizens Input: None

V.                Consideration and Adoption of FY2021-2022 Budget: Board Member Newman made the motion to approve and adopt the FY2021-2022 budget. Board Member Ridgeway seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

VI.              Approval of Financials & Invoices for May 2021: Board Member Ridgeway had a couple of questions regarding bills paid (Espenship). Board Member Ridgeway questioned the line items on Espenship invoices whether he was charging us for the materials. GM Reblin advised the invoice was for labor and installation with BBWA supplying the materials. Vice Chairman McKinnon asked for motion to pass financials, Board Member Ridgeway yes, and Board Member Newman seconded. The vote was unanimous.

VII.        Mark Reblin:

1.      Service Truck:  GM Reblin discussed the need for an additional service truck for around $10,000-$15,000. We just need a basic truck, one of the guys is having to use his personal truck.  Board Member Newman made a motion to approve.  Board Member Ridgeway seconded with discussion.  Board Member Ridgeway asked where would the money be taken from. GM Reblin advised the money will be taken from the meter/grinder fund.

2.     Pressure Washing Water Tower: GM Reblin discussed the need for cleaning the outside of the water tower. Board Member Newman asked how much does this normally cost. GM Reblin advised anywhere from $10,000-$12,000.  The board asked Reblin to get 3 bids and make sure they are licensed and insured.

3.     Check for Mott McDonald: GM Reblin wanted to make sure everyone was ok with the check for $86,557.00 to Mott McDonald for engineering cost.  Reblin advised the board that we will get reimbursed for this.

4.     Miscellaneous: GM Rebin advised that we are in need of meters. We have had some replaced under warranty but we have a lot of them that are not reading. Board Member Ridgeway made a motion to use $10,0000 from the meter/grinder fund to get started on this project.  Board Member Newman seconded.  The vote was unanimous. GM Reblin gave an update on the Cooey land purchase. The land was tied up in legal issues previously but has been released to sell. The 15 acres that BBWA wants to purchase is $6,500 acre and the additional 30 is $7,500 acre for total purchase price of $320,000. There had been motions made in a previous meeting to move forward but he is wanting to make sure it is still ok. Reblin will bring back the interest rates and payment terms.

XIII.    Mark Logan- Absent

IX.              Board Member Request:  Board Member Newman asked about bidding out jobs that are contracted. Currently Espenship Group does any contractor work. GM Reblin advised if this is what the board recommends, he will begin advertising. After much discussion, it was advised that Espenship Group is utilized due to being local, licensed, insured and a quick turn around time. Board Member Newman asked if we could get use out of a dump trailer. We are currently having to use the backhoe  to move limerock, millings and fill dirt. Board Member Newman advised he will try to get the information for the Governmental service store. Board Member Ridgeway wants to know how may loans we are currently paying (a year). Board Member Newman asked about having some meters moved on 17th Street (boat ramp) the County is making a parking lot for kayakers.

X.                 Announcement: The next board meeting will be Thursday August 5.

XI.              Adjournment: Vice Chairman made a motion to adjourn all say I. Vote was unanimous. Meeting adjourned at 7:14 p.m.










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Laura Valentine, Clerk                                                        Wendell McKinnon,                                                                                                                                                            Vice Chairman