Meeting Reports


  1. 2 things the manager was to do. One was to publish a notice of intent to adopt the budget and a copy to each member, they published it but it was not provided to the county. Both counties has copies of proposed budget.  Second was the proposed budget be posted on BBWA website at least 2 days before the public meeting (proposed budget was posted on July7, 2020).  Chairman Hart advised that both counties has already approved the proposed budget. Board Member Ridgeway stated he feels our discussion should be put in the minutes. Chairman Hart asked is there anything that should have been in the minutes that were discussed and that you feel needs to be in there? No, just that. Chairman Hart asked if any other board members have any comments, no comments.  Chairman Hart asked Board Member Ridgeway what would you recommend we do? I would like to see that the manager sees that it is added to the minutes and presented at the next meeting. Board Member Ridgeway asked are you aware that the resolution has to go to DEP and probably already has and wasn’t don’t in timely manner.  Chairman Hart asked BBWA Attorney do we need to go back and backtrack it (the resolution) I’m not sure what would be the affect of that, but the board could do what it likes we are talking about the minutes right? Board Member Ridgeway addressed BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy stating in the last meeting we had the resolution to pass to go along with the budget and none of the discussion about the resolution was followed through before the meeting that is in the current minutes have you already submitted everything to DEP? BBWA Engineer Murphy stated yes and you have submitted the resolution, Murphy which resolution are we referring to? The resolution that was done before the public hearing so that we can proceed on with the budget and the public hearing, the one that outlines what BBWA would do prior to the public hearing. Engineer Murphy stated that he recalls that we had the public hearing on the facilities plan and then a resolution was passed and sent to DEP, and the only thing lacking was the approved minutes. Board Member Ridgeway stated no this is the resolution that goes with the budget, Engineer Murphy stated the resolution regarding the budget does not go to DEP. Board Member McKinnon made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Board Member Mills seconded the motion. The votes was 5 yes and 1 no (Board Member Ridgeway) motion passed.

Copy of July 2, Corrected Board Meeting Minutes: Chairman Hart asked Board Member Ridgeway if he wants to explain the correction, Board Member Ridgeway advised the copy of minutes he received tonight is correct.