Meeting Reports


  1. Board Member Norwood made a motion to approve the corrected July 2 minutes.  Board Member Corbin seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous. 

  2. Presentation by James Moore 2010 BBWA Audit: Brendan McKitrick representing James Moore presented the September 2019 financial statement. He began by stating he appreciated all the help getting this wrapped up. Mr. McKitrick went over the financial statement and stated the only 2 things of concern were they took a sample of utility billing and found there was an issue in July 2019 billing where the calculations were a little different nothing significant, upon discussion with Mark and Laura for whatever reason the issue with the utility billing software the utility billing changed for that period, this issue is being look into with the software provider.  The other thing was utility utilization, during testing we noted the annual utilization percentage of approximately 56% which is inefficient compared to other water systems and also noted large utilization variances month to month. We recommend working with their engineer and software vendor to determine ways to increase their utilization and minimize potential water loss consumption. Mr. McKitrick stated BBWA is in compliance and asked if anyone has any questions. Board Member McKinnon made a motion to approve the 2019 Financials Audit.  Board Member Mills seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

  3. Consideration of 2020-2021 Board Meeting Dates:  Chairman Hart asked if anyone had an issue with the proposed dates.  Board Member Corbin stated that when we hold the meetings at the beginning of the month we do not have any of last month’s billings and it is a month behind. It would be easier at the end of the month for Laura.  BBWA Office Manager stated it would be easier to have it at the end of the month but is fine with whatever is best for everyone else.  There was a brief discussion. Board Member Norwood made a motion to approve the 2020-2021 board meeting dates.  Board Member McKinnon seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous. 

  4. Discussion of Increasing Minimum Usage for Gallons of Water: GM Reblin stated that currently 1,299 used 3,000 gallons of water or less and 410 used 3,000 to 12,000 and 246 used over 12,000, this is an average. Board Member McKinnon made a motion to discuss raising the gallons. No second motion was made, so the motion failed.

  5. Citizens’ Input: None

  6. Mark Reblin: