Meeting Reports

Miscellaneous: GM Reblin asked Engineer Mike Murphy to discuss the RFP and the sewer plant process. Mr. Murphy stated that as discussed before in prior board meetings about engineering firm for the waste water treatment plant upgrade, he stated he has started the RFP. An engineering firm in Tallahassee is interested in being the engineering firm.  We also had a conference call with 2 engineers from Hatch Mott McDonald one is in Panama City and one is in Birmingham. He stated we are still on track for the funding for August 12 hearing, sometimes it takes awhile. If funding is approved at August 12 hearing you can incur cost and be reimbursed. The RFP format will follow the format established by the rural water association. The only difference he suggests is whoever is on the selection committee after he/she scores the proposal, prior to submitting it he suggests rank them as well, so it will be fair. After the RFP is written Murphy stated he is not planning on being on any of the teams and he will stay under his current role. GM Reblin asked if we stick with Hatch Mott we don’t have to do anything? Yes, that is correct. Chairman Hart asked does asbestos in the lines help our chances for getting funding, Engineer Murphy stated it could help but due to the leaking also.  Board Member McKinnon asked, How much over the 20% are we on the water leakage? The numbers I have show almost 100% which means we are selling half of the water we are producing that goes back probably a year or more.  GM Reblin stated the numbers are a little different now around the 50% range. Board Member Ridgeway stated that earlier Engineer Murphy said that water lines on the Jena side are 6 inch. What size does it connect to and where? GM Reblin stated it is an 8 inch then changes to a 6 inch. Engineer Murphy stated it then tees off in each direction as a 6 inch. Board Member Ridgeway asked so if you want 1,000 gallons a minute for fire protection would that 8 inch line supply it? Engineer Murphy stated it should be but he has not run the calculations, it is going to reach a point even with an eight inch it will not be adequate, but he has note run a report on that being said he is not sure. The fire inspector in Dixie County stated it should be 2,000 gallons.  Engineer Murphy stated he is working on this and getting on the same page finding out everything, we always need to find out the jurisdictions as well. Board Member Corbin stated that when Fire Chief Brown was