Meeting Reports


III. Approval of July 2, 2020 Minutes: Board Member Ridgeway asked for discussion stating that on pg. 2 under the rate increase section he noticed 2 things, one was instead of a comma after $1,080 there was a period, a number was transposed it should be $3,458 and under Board Member request Corbin was left out after Board Member.   He would like to have it corrected before it being signed. Board Member Ridgeway also advised that in the prior meeting it was voting on to hold the budget hearing on July 23rd not July 16th.   GM Reblin asked Attorney Logan is there an issue with it being stated in the prior meeting the date of  23rd but meeting held the 16th, Reblin advised the July 16th  was posted on the website, bulletin board and in the paper for the budget hearing/ special board meeting.  Attorney Logan stated it is fine there is no problem. Board Member Corbin made a motion to approve the minutes. Board Member Ridgeway seconded with the above mentioned changes before being signed. The vote was unanimous.


IV. Citizens Input: Customer Ms. Rhoda Mooring asked if all the items on the budget have already been voted on and are we raising the rates? GM Reblin advised no and we are not raising rates, she asked are we going to raise the gallons of water, she stated 3,000 gallons of water isn’t much.  It was discussed but not on agenda to be voted on. Board Member Ridgeway advised if there is any changes we have to have a public workshop, advertised in the paper etc.


 Board Member Ridgeway advised during workshop hearing it wasn’t asked for Citizens Input.


 Meeting was closed and public workshop opened back up.


  V. Consideration and Adoption of FY2020-2021 Budget: Board Member      McKinnon made a motion to approve the FY 2020-2021 Budget.  Board Member Ridgeway seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.                          


VI. Announcements: The next board meeting will be Thursday August 6, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

VII.  Board Member Requests: Board Member Ridgeway asked about the Resolution.  GM Reblin asked does it have to be different item.  Attorney Logan stated no it is adopted with the budget.  Board Member Ridgeway stated he would like to go back for questions; he thought the resolution had to be a separate item.  BBWA Attorney Logan had stated no it doesn’t. There was a brief discussion of the resolution and the publishing of this.  Attorney Logan advised it is the same and the documentations have been sent to the county, the paper and on the website. Board Member Ridgeway asked who will be reviewing the applicants for the front desk position that is being advertised.