Meeting Reports


  1. Approval of March, April and May Financials: Board Member Mills made a motion to approve the financials. Board Member Norwood seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

  2. Citizens Input:  See Below

  3. Mark Logan:


  1. Miscellaneous: None



  1.  Mark Reblin:


  1. Review and Consideration of 2020-2021 Budget: GM Rebin stated that in the packet is a proposed budget for review, he had Accountant Beauchamp look over it. Attorney Logan reminded GM Reblin we must have a public hearing regarding the budget.  Board Member McKinnon made a motion to have a public hearing to approve the proposed budget.  Board Member Norwood seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

Discussion of Rate Increase: GM Reblin advised we have not raised the water/sewer rates since 2015 and we would like some input from the board to see if we want to keep it the same or raise it. Chairman Hart asked the audience if anyone had any question regarding the rates. GM Reblin advised water rates now is water $31.75 up to 3,000 gallons of water and prorated thereafter, and sewer is $42.75 up to 3,000 gallons and prorated after that. GM Reblin advised we have 540 sewer customers and 1,729 water customers and 224 non active water customers. If we were to increase by $2.00 on water we would raise $3,458 a month, and if we were to increase sewer by $2.00 we would raise revenue by $1,080 a month, 12 month total for water would be $27,468.  Board Member Mills asked are we operating in the red, no we are financially stable right now, Reblin said he was just bringing it up because it has been 5 years and no increase. Board Member Mills stated he feels if we are operating in the black there is no need to raise rates right now. Board Member Corbin stated she agreed with Board Member Mills.  Board Member Ridgeway stated that raising rates is a difficult thing to do and in the public hearing we will be discussing the sewer plant expansion and we should start thinking about that a rate increase in the future. Board Member McKinnon stated he is ok with the rates and we will look at it again later, Board Member asked GM Reblin about possibly raising the minimum usage from 3,000 to something higher. There was a brief discussion of the average use per customer. Board Member McKinnon suggested GM