Meeting Reports


  1. Reblin to get the rates from other facilities. Board Member Ridgeway reminded the board if we want to raise rates we need to do it a public hearing. Board Member Norwood asked Attorney Logan what we need to do to move forward to look at raising the rates. Attorney Logan advised once you get approval to raise rates you would need a resolution sent to both of the counties for review and approval. Board Member Norwood asked do we need to make a motion to move forward with raising the rates. Attorney Logan stated yes. Board Member Norwood made a motion to move forward to raise the rates water a $1 and sewer a $1.  Board Member McKinnon seconded.  Board Member Mills stated before doing this we need to do some research on how much we need to raise based on our needs not what other facilities rates. Board Member Mills stated if he is asked why the rated increase he wants to be able to tell them the reasons why. Board Member McKinnon asked Board Member Norwood was that what he meant was for GM Reblin to move forward with doing the research on our facilities needs. Board Member Ridgeway stated he agrees with Board Member Mills statement, we have over a million dollars in the bank that we can use any way we want as long as we have that in the bank we don’t need to be discussing rate increase right now. Board Member Norwood stated his motion will be not to put a number on it right now but GM Reblin to do a study on our needs are and based it on that and go from there. GM Reblin asked Attorney Logan don’t we have a cost of living increase? Yes, GM Reblin stated we have never used it. Ursula Miller from the audience asked to please consider all the people that is unemployed due to covid, could we possible wait a while before doing this.  The board all agreed, vote unanimous.

  2.   Letter for the Board to Sign:   GM Reblin stated if you haven’t signed the letter for the auditor will you please sign it. 

  3.   Miscellaneous: GM Reblin stated since mid April we have done 13 new sewer install, 16 new water installs, 4 pending sewer and 6 pending water hookups.




  1.       Board Members’ Request: Board Member Corbin stated she wanted to bring up Laura’s hours she is on part time and do we need to put her on full time? GM Reblin advised she is full time and working overtime as well and we are paying overtime.