Meeting Reports


  1. Citizens Input:  Ms. Rhoda Moehring addressed the board regarding

    an ongoing problem with hard water. Ms. Moehring advised it had gotten better but now it is back to the same thing with spots and discoloration. She asked are the lines being flushed. GM Reblin advised we are always flushing but the one line running down Riverside flows really well. GM Reblin told Ms. Moehring see if changes and goes back to normal. Ms. Moehring added that Board Member McKinnon is a valuable asset to the board, stating that   Board Member McKinnon came over to the house and discussed the hard water issues and different things to try to help with the problem.

    Mrs. Gina Smith representing the Boys and Girls Club addressed the board about receiving any of kind of help for the baseball/softball program. Mrs. Smith stated they only can use the school’s fields, the Boys and Girls Club just rents the building at the school. The school board can’t help with any funding. Mrs. Smith stated they have been raising money, and they have had help from several businesses, individuals and any help would be greatly appreciated. Board Member Page advised he would be able to get the clay. Mrs. Griffis representing The Chamber of Commerce advised the Chamber is getting the clay for the fields. Board Member Norwood made a motion for BBWA to match the Chambers contribution for items needed for Boy and Girls club baseball/softball with the Managers review/approval not for any labor (total of $3,000). Chairman Hart advised the board doesn’t vote on an item unless it is on the Agenda, but if the chooses to vote on an item (emergency) they can do so. Board Member McKinnon seconded the motion with the BBWA giving the Boys and Girls Club $3,000. Board Member Mills asked is that money just to do one certain thing; yes this is for the fields. The vote was 6 to 1 Board Member Ridgeway voting No.

  2. Mark Reblin:

Sewer Plant Expansion: BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy gave an update on the Facility Plans. Engineer Murphy advised that building a plant at the capacity needed at the existing site without the perc ponds or any expansion will run about a million dollars, to build a plant where the property is will run around 2 million dollars. Engineer Murphy advised we will defiantly need a computer model, E1 can do