Meeting Reports


    1. this model. Engineer Murphy stated that he and GM Reblin discussed going after a Rivers grant which is what we got in the past which pays for some of the grinder stations, he stated we are in need of a sewer expansion pretty quick we can also include in the rivers grant application money for sewer expansion. Engineer Murphy advised he will have a cost estimates for plant expansion in next months board packet. Chairman Hart asked how long wills this expansion carry us; it will take us up to twenty years. Board Member McKinnon asked you are saying on the rivers grant you are going to combine the two (sewer expansion and plant expansion) which will be 2 million requested from the rivers grant, Engineer Murphy yes it will be for both.

    2. Sugar Hill Estates Property Status: GM Reblin advised he talked to the owner which owns 328 acres (which is north of us) regarding purchasing the land, he is interested and will call us back. Chairman Hart asked Board Member Page if Sean Murphy had said anything about getting our road going into the sewer plant worked on Board Member Page stated no he will check on it.

    3. Media Replacement in 3rd Filter (GAC): GM Reblin wanted the board to be aware that we replaced two but we have one more to do, we are going to have to spend some money on it $22,000.

    4. Filter Pump Replacement: GM Reblin stated we have to spend some money, we have C, D and E. C is $22,000, D is $9,100 and E is $5,500.  D and E is a have to and C we could put off but it would be nice to get it going. We are using the two filters now but really could use the third one especially with summer coming.  Basically were adding charcoal and we should get about 5 years out of it, this is a reoccurring cost.

    5. Lift Station Panel Replacement:  Part of the above.

    6. Miscellaneous: GM Reblin advised that the following Monday, the highway 358 project will get started.  The permit for Maddies is coming in but we can’t start until the 358 project is finished.

  1.             Mark Logan: Absent

    1. Miscellaneous: 


  2.                Board Members’ Request: Board Member McKinnon asked

               BBWA Engineer Murphy if BBWA gets the land will the