Meeting Reports


          price of two million dollars go down? No, responded BBWA                                                    


    Engineer Murphy, the price didn’t include the purchase of land.


    Board Member Ridgeway advised he looked over the certificate


    of insurance from Espenship group and he found 2 things that he


    had questions about, one that BBWA wasn’t not named as    


    additionally insured.  GM Reblin advised he had talked to them and


    there will not be a problem with adding BBWA on there. The 


    second question on the certificate of insurance it states what they


                             will insure for that contractor in the listing it was concrete work,       tree removal and land clearing it does not list at all utility work,


GM Reblin advised Espenship will be taking care of this as well. Board Member Ridgeway addressed the workers comp insurance stating that majority of businesses mostly contractors lease their employees and workers comp said they cover all leased employees, are any of Espenships employees not leased, GM Reblin stated everyone will be run through that leasing company




  XI.                   Announcements: The next board meeting will be Thursday, April 2.


  1.                    Adjournment: Chairman Hart made a motion to adjourn.  Board

                       Member Norwood seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous,

                              Meeting adjourned at 6:12 p.m.














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    Laura Valentine, Clerk                                                        Howard Hart, Chairman