Meeting Reports


  1. Approval of December Invoices:  Board Member Norwood made a motion to approve the November Invoices. Board Member Mills seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous. 

  2. Approval of December Income/Expense Report:  Board Member Norwood made a motion to approve the December Income/Expense report.  Board Member Mills seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.

  3. Citizens Input: None

  4. Mark Reblin:

Options on Sea Hag Marina Lift Station- General Manager Reblin stated we have looked at it and basically we have two options, one would be to put a propane generator at the sight or a valve installed  to compensate, price wise a generator will run about $1,500. The other option to dig it up and restoration probably run about $2,500 at the low end. Chairman Hart asked Board Member Ridgeway if he has any input on it, wasn’t he the one that approved it when all this was being done and wasn’t he over it. Chairman Hart asked Board Member Ridgeway if he has any suggestions how to solve this problem.  Board Member Ridgeway stated he would like to add a third option, BBWA has a generator and if Sea Hag looses power they can call the General Manager and ask to use BBWA’s generator. Chairman Hart stated he doesn’t understand why we are in this situation to begin with, it sounds like we are putting a band-aid on the problem.  Chairman Hart stated isn’t it too late when he has lost power and sewage has backed up into the residence.  Board Member Ridgeway stated if we were to put a special generator at any business then every other business or homeowner would ask for one. General Manager Reblin stated it is an elevation problem. There was an ongoing discussion of the problem.  Customer Charlie Norwood of Sea Hag Marina approached the podium and advises he is abstaining from voting  in any way shape or form on this item. Mr. Norwood stated he was on the board at the time when BBWA received a grant to receive sewer hook up to customers. Mr. Norwood stated he owns several properties and he understands at that time BBWA had a Project Manager/Inspector who was Board Member Ridgeway at the time.  Board Member Ridgeway stated he was not the Manager. Mr. Norwood asked if he was the on-site Inspector and Board Member Ridgeway said yes. Mr. Norwood went on to say there were problems in that the old septic tank was not crushed like it was supposed to be. Mr. Norwood stated that in July of 2015 we lost power due to a storm and it caused the sewer system to fail and sewer backed up into the room. Mr. Norwood advised he has been more than patient about this; it has been going on for five years now he wants to know what will be done to properly take care of this problem, he doesn’t want to get a lawyer involved but he will if that is what it takes for this problem to be solved. There was more discussion on ways to fix the problem. Board Member Mills asked if there were several people with this problem and that he  didn’t believe we would still be kicking this can down the road and this problem needs to be fixed and fixed right whatever it costs and we are all here to make this authority run smooth. Board Member Mills made a motion to go ahead and get this fixed