Meeting Reports


  1. correctly but as cost effective as possible. There was more discussion on ways to fix the problem.  Board Member Corbin seconded the motion.  Chairman Hart advised we are going to let the General Manager Mark Reblin  get with BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy to  solve the problem at Sea Hag. The vote was unanimous with Board Member Charlie Norwood abstaining from voting.


  1. Installation Of Anything Sewer Lines Larger Than 2 inches: Board Member Ridgeway stated that if the Manager gets a request for sewer from a group of houses it will be bigger than an inch and a half line it will be either 2 inch line or possibly a 4 inch line at that size it will need engineering, DEP permits and if it is at the request of a homeowner or a developer the cost sharing form is used that is his understanding is it the rest of the boards he asked.  Chairman Hart said yes it is his understand, Chairman Hart asked is he saying there have been exceptions to that. Board Member Ridgeway thinks the manager will get more requests because of the growth and he needs direction from the Board when these larger lines are revolved it requires design, it requires cost sharing contract with the people who requested it and DEP permits and this takes time, even if the people say they can’t wait that long the Manager can say go talk to the Board. Chairman Hart said he thinks personally we have a very  good Manager and he thinks he does a good job and he can take care of it he doesn’t want to micro manage the manager. Board Member Mills thinks that it should be up to the manager if he wants to bring it to the board, as long as it is being done correctly then he should be allowed to do that. Chairman Hart stated if a citizen or Board Member has a problem they should go to the manager not employee or board member go to the manager. If there is a problem it needs to go to the Manager. As far as an employee or Board Member if you don’t get your answer then you should go to the Chairman. BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy stated that he and GM Reblin had talked about making the customer hook ups as  efficient as possible so we can get more customers but you can’t go to the other extreme and hook up developments which would address Board Member Ridgeway issue about capacity but I don’t think regular house hook ups is really affecting capacity  getting the DEP permit is one factor in this he went into the rule and the following activity doesn’t require a DEP permit construction of a low pressure individual service connection  where the system serving the area has previously been permitted, it doesn’t has one and a half inch line, 2 inch line etc where comes an issue is when someone wants to build a home and they are 200 feet from the force main you can hook them up with the permit but if there are four  homes in between then there is more wanting to hook up then he uses his judgment and uses a 2 inch line you can hook that person up without a permit  but you can’t start hooking people up which now is more houses so it is a little bit different. Maddies Market we are getting a DEP permit. All the permits will be permissible. There were more discussion, Board Member Norwood stated he thinks GM Reblin should be able to handle these problems with any issues and he doesn’t want to micro manage.