Meeting Reports


  1.  Wastewater Facilities Plan/Status: BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy gave update on waste water facilities plan is being worked on he went on to say the two  perc ponds at the sewer plant now are rated for 90,000 gallons and the existing  treatment plant is designed for 50,000 our peak flow during scallop season is 50,000 gallons. The results of the evaluations of the existing perc ponds from geotec  said it is not 90,000 a day it is 125,000 gallons per day, he explained how they came up with this.  He doesn’t have the information yet on the land where the new one could possibly be built.  He stated just by crunching the numbers on building new one it will be much cheaper to expand the existing plant. He doesn’t plan on expanding it to the 125,000 capacity but it is good to know we have the extra capacity. Engineer Murphy advised he will bring the preliminary estimates to the next meeting on expansion or building new plant. Chairman Hart asked could we possibly have the county maintain the road, there were discussion and Chairman Hart asked Commissioner Murphy could he check on this for us, he said yes he would.

  2. Update on 9th Street Project:  Engineer Murphy advised he had to resubmit the permit application, hopefully by the next board meeting we will have the permit.

  3. Jena Shores/Steinhatchee River Club:  GM Reblin advised he has received all the  signed  paperwork from Steinhatchee River Club and Jena Shores and a check for Steinhatchee River Club and the check for Jena River Shores will be here in a couple of days. Attorney Logan advised that everyone should have the copies of the resolution, cost sharing agreement in your packet. Attorney Logan advised to request the resolution to be considered and the board do its will by signing you can move forward with the construction. Board Member Mills made a motion to sign the resolution.  Board Member Norwood seconded.  Board Member Ridgeway asked to have discussion; Board Member Ridgeway said he doesn’t see anything on the contractor’s license, workers compensation or liability insurance policy.  GM Reblin advised he will have a copy of everything requested tomorrow if he would like to  look at it. Chairman Hart was everyone in favor the vote was unanimous.


  1. Cost Sharing Connection Agreements: Refer to above. Chairman asked if everyone has read over cost sharing agreement and agrees to move forward. All Yes.

  2. Resolutions: Same as above

e.   Miscellaneous: GM advised we had a bore that was done under Stephens Springs ruptured Sunday at 3:00 A.M, we found problem, and we had to cap it off.  We need to make a decision whether to repair it leave it or replace it. GM Reblin advised it will be a $7,000/$10,000 repair. Board Member Mills made a motion to go ahead a repair it.  Commissioner Murphy seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous. .  Board Member Norwood addressed the board regarding an incident that happened today.  Captain Buddy Lee called the BBWA, stating he had received a complaint from County Administrator LaWanda Pemberton , she advised that Commissioner Sean Murphy had brought a complaint to her it was from a concerned citizen. Commissioner Murphy brought