Meeting Reports


info that a citizen had given him which was a video and a picture of a hydrant with a meter and a back flow preventer and a fire hose hooked to it.  The video was of a man dragging a hose and spraying the road and the parking lot of Sea Hag down. It was said to Ms. Pemberton that the man operating the hose was not qualified or permitted and that the hydrant was used this past Sunday and the excessive water used caused problems at the plant resulting in having to issue a boil water notice on Monday. This is what he understands Ms. Pemberton told GM Reblin. GM Reblin called me (Norwood) and advised he just got a call from Ms. Pemberton and the sheriff department that you are stealing water and using the hydrant.  Is that true? I said no, why he explained why so I immediately went to the Sheriff’s Department and sat down with Captain Lee and asked what had transpired Captain Lee basically said the same thing, that it was Commissioner Murphy. I told Captain Lee it wasn’t me, I didn’t use the hydrant on Sunday and further more the man operating the hose was my son Chase, I was in the picture, what’s remarkable is me and my son Chase was in Venice, Louisiana on a charter from Saturday and came back on Tuesday. Sea Hag Marina about every hurricane requests to use the hydrant meter.   I clean up the state ride of way from storm debris, my driveway and parking lot too. The accusations against me is false it is not true it is undocumented it is a depravation of my character I want the board to know it never happened without approval from the Manager and payment from me, I want to continue using it. I don’t steal water, I never have. Commissioner Murphy spoke up and asked are you done, Board Member Norwood no, I am not. When you are done I will respond. Board Member Norwood went on to say the Sheriff department has my documentation and where me and my son was, also they got the information from GM Reblin that we had a 6 inch water line rupture over by Gulf Breeze and GM Reblin was concerned about it and on Monday contacted the proper people as far as a boil water notice. GM Reblin contacted the customers affected at Gulf Breeze. Commissioner Murphy spoke saying he at no point and time did he ever slander your (Norwood) character and the reason I say that is it was brought to my attention by several citizens there just happen to be one video and it is my responsibility to report this to the County it is the Sheriff’s Department to decided what the issue is not mine or yours. Commissioner Murphy said he doesn’t have anything personally against Board Member Norwood that it is his responsibility to report any concerns. Chairman Hart spoke up and addressed Commissioner Murphy saying wouldn’t it have been better to solve the problem by first thing bringing it to the GM Reblin first.  Commissioner Murphy said he was requested by several citizens to bring it to the Sheriffs attention. Chairman Hart said it should have been brought to the Mangers attention and it could have been addressed, not go to the Sheriff’s department with it. County Commissioner said it should been taken to Home Land Security.


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