Meeting Reports


  1.  Board Members’ Request: Chairman Hart asked for clarification by law the responsibilities of the board members, the manager and the employees.  Attorney Logan address this saying  the interlocal agreement and the policies of BBWA adopted in 2008 provides that the General Manager is in charge of administrative duties, the administration of employees, he (General Manager is the CEO he is in charge of the hiring, firing and disciplining of employees he should be the focal point for information and it is his responsibility that his employees understands they need to keep him in the loop of what is going on, they don’t need to handle it he handles it. When it comes to a potential complaint from an employee the general practice you go to the Manager and if the Manager is the problem then they need to go to the Chair. If a Board Member gets a complaint that needs to go to the Manager or to the Chair, we don’t need two board members discussing an issue. Board Member Norwood brought back up if anyone has a problem it should be taken to the Manager but County Commissioner Murphy doesn’t do that, Commissioner Murphy stated he follows the law, and he feels he is being slandered.

  2. Announcements: County Commissioner Murphy stated he has made this decision long before tonight, as of tonight I will be removing myself from this board.  It is the level of professionalism or the lack there of that has been displayed ever since I have been on this board, he said he will not have his name associated with this board and said Mr. Mills I now understand why no Dixie County Commissioner wants to be involved with this board. Commissioner Mills said the others one didn’t want to, he did want to be on the board it was his community too. Commissioner Murphy said he will not sit here and have his name associated with this at all. There is no law requiring that I have to be here. Chairman Hart stated the interlocal agreement said an elected representative must be appointed.  County Commissioner stated he will go through Taylor County to have a replacement. The next board meeting will be March 5th, 2020 at 5:00 P.M.

  3. Adjournment: Board Member Corbin made a motion to adjourn.  Board Member Norwood seconded the motion, vote unanimous.  The Board adjourned at 7:05  p.m.












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    Laura Valentine, Clerk                                               Howard Hart, Chairman