Meeting Reports


  1. Chairman Hart asked had there been more complaints he advised he has had a few people ask about it. GM Reblin will get with Ms. Moehring.  Board Member Ridgeway stated this has been an ongoing problem for about 20 years. Ms. Nina Johnson president of AARP came to introduce herself to everyone.

  2. Mark Reblin:


  1. Discussion of Audio/Video Recording of Board Meetings- General Manager Mark Reblin asked BBWA Attorney Mark Logan to speak regarding what is required legally  can determine what direction we want to go on this matter. Attorney Logan gave a brief summary of what is required by law. He stated under Florida Sunshine law  the minutes of all public meetings are to be promptly recorded and available as public records. The  Florida Attorney General states there is not a requirement to have an audio or video recording of a public meeting but minutes are required. If a recording of a public meeting is made it is also public record.  Attorney Logan stated BBWA is in compliance with the manner of which the minutes are done.  Chairman Hart stated his opinion that he sees no problem with the way it has always been done and we should be able to discuss matters as adults without having an audio or video recording, but it is up to the Board to make this decision. Board Member Ridgeway stated that if the minutes were verbatim he would say fine short of that he would like to see it audio recorded and kept on file, the visual would be nice but he doesn’t know what it would cost and would like to get a price. Board Member Corbin asked if anyone comes in off the street asking for them, BBWA clerk Laura stated we have not, Commissioner Murphy advised that he disagrees and that he has requested prior meeting records. All minutes are emailed to board members/county commissioners and also given a hard copy at the meeting. Minutes are also available on our website and a copy on our bulletin board in lobby. Board Member Corbin stated she has served on the board for many years and there has never been an issue, if so it was addressed and taken care of, she doesn’t feel the need to have the meetings recorded/videoed. Commissioner Murphy stated he will file a formal request.  Attorney Logan advised him that is very simple to make a formal request and he will make sure it is taken care of. Board Member McKinnon made a motion to continue keeping minutes as they have been in the past.  The clerk takes notes, types up a rough draft, sends it to our Attorney which is then reviewed and changed if needed. Board Member Norwood seconded the motion.  The vote was 4 to 2, Board Member Ridgeway and Board Member Murphy No.

Proposal for Site Evaluation of Existing Perc Ponds at the Sewer Plant:  Mark advised that BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy has a couple of proposals for the wastewater plant. One proposal will be to get existing pond rerated higher,    Mike stated he is at the point where he needs to know what the capacity the ponds are, he stated we need to get them rerated to the highest capacity, this will cost $5,000. The other proposal is to look at the 45 acres site owned by BBWA to see alternatives to use this it will cost $9,500. Mike thinks it would be more appropriate to approve the $5,000 proposal so can see where we are at