Meeting Reports


  1. Reblin stated we should be able to open them by Monday.  Attorney Logan stated Mark Reblin can open the bids and review them make the determination Attorney Logan stated Mark has the authority to call a special meeting whether it be  30 days or sooner, Mark has discretion when to call it if need be.  We have to have get the  cost sharing agreement before proceeding.  Mark Reblin asked what do we need to do? Attorney Logan stated you need the information how much on the bid, then come up with the cost share arrangement, then they will need to sign contract. Board Member Ridgeway stated there are 3 developers that want it, Mark stated there are 2 Jena Shores and Steinhatchee River Club. Board Member Ridgeway wants to make sure Mark Reblin gets the bid amount and what the cost sharing would be (signed contract) and bring it back to us. Chairman Hart asked Mark if he could have all this information ready by Monday, Mark stated yes he will have it ready on Monday. Chairman Hart asked did we need a motion for this, Attorney Logan stated no since it was not on the agenda.  Mark Reblin asked so I need to call a special meeting, Logan you have the administrative authority to make that determination and you need a special meeting of the board.  Board Member Ridgeway asked will Mark also have the signed contract from the developers in hand.  Yes.

            IX.                        Mark Logan:


  1. Miscellaneous:  None


  1.  Board Members’ Request: Board Member Ridgeway asked Mark to give an updated on the 9th street extension.  Mark advised that BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy has the drawing on it, Mike advised if we are not going to get it surveyed we need to mark all of the underground utilities on the drawings before we submit. Board Member Ridgeway asked are we working with the customer that is requesting extension to his property?  Mark advised yes it will be the same type of contract (cost sharing), Ridgeway asked would we see it first he stated yes.

  2. Announcements: The next board meeting will be February 6, 2020 at 5:00 P.M.

  3. Adjournment: Chairman Hart made a motion to adjourn.  Board Member McKinnon seconded the motion, vote unanimous.  The Board adjourned at 6:04 p.m.












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    Laura Valentine, Clerk                                               Howard Hart, Chairman