Meeting Reports


  1. more transparency.  Board Member Mills made a motion to accept the minutes; Board Member Mckinnon seconded the motion.  Board Member Hart yes, Board Member Corbin yes, Board Member Ridgeway No and Board Member Murphy No. The motion passed 4 to 2.

  2. Approval of Invoices:  Board Member McKinnon made a motion to approve the October Invoices. Board Member Corbin seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous. 

  3. Approval of October, Income/Expense Report:  Clerk Cindy Wood advised the board the Income/Expense report is not all there.  Board Member Ridgeway advised he spoke with Cindy regarding this she advised him she was working with the auditors to complete it. The way it is put in the system has to be changed (keeping the books like a manufacturer) Chairman Hart advised we will bypass voting because the report is not complete.

  4. Citizens Input: None

  5. Mark Reblin:

Hwy 358 Force Main Expansion- General Manager Mark Reblin advised that the project is out for bid with 3 contractors looking at it.  Mark stated there is a customer wanting it to go down Rocky Creek cut off road it is 1,700 additional feet, approximately 65 potential customers between Salty Secret and Rocky Creek cut off road. Mark asked the Board for their input.  Chairman Hart stated he thinks that the customer wanting service down Rocky Creek cut off should be treating like all the other customers and figure a price of what it will take. Board Member McKinnon agrees but wants to start moving forward with this expansion.  Board Member Ridgeway asked that if when we get the bids in we can come up with a price then you can go to the potential customers. Mark advised he should have information before the next meeting. Board Member Ridgeway asked if the bids are going too opened in a public meeting.  Mark said whatever the board wants to do. There was discussion on bidding process, Attorney Logan advised the board has  a procurement  policy if the amount of the project is more than $50,000 it has to be a formal bid process, he advised whatever type of bid should be done in public at an advertise place and time. Mark asked if the $50,000 is total labor and material, Attorney Logan stated the total contract amount. Mark advised the installation ( labor) shouldn’t go over $50,000. Mark is getting bids for materials and already has got the price for engineering, design, surveying and permits, basically bidding for labor.  Mark said he is getting prices on material he is talking to 4 different vendors now. Chairman Hart asked how we would know if it is going to be over the $50,000.  Mark said he would get a labor only number from the vendors and see where it comes in, we will furnish the materials. Attorney Logan advised we have 3 different thresholds one project we say we are furnishing supplies, if it is between $10,000 and $50,000 have an informal bid, we may have 2 different contracts. Attorney Logan advised you don’t want to split them to try to avoid a formal bid, you also don’t want to hamper the Authority on parts, we should know exactly what were buying, and labor etc so we know what type of bid.