Meeting Reports


  1. Board Member Mills asked what the different levels of bids etc were. Attorney Logan advised anything under $1,000 is carried out with good purchasing practices, over $1,000 less than $10,000 then it should be 2 or more written quotes whenever practical verbal can be received keep a record of it, between $10,000 and $50,000 written records, telephone quotations or informal bids to be open upon receipt, over $50,000 is sealed bids and formal bids. Board Member Ridgeway said  when it’s time to make a motion  to extend the extra 1,700 feet the quote to include that, Ridgeway made a motion to go ahead extend the sewer line from Steinhatchee River Club to the Rocky Creek Cut off (38th Street) Board Member Mills seconded motion the vote was unanimous.

  2. 9th Street Force Main Expansion:  Mark advised we have a proposal for BBWA    Engineer Mike Murphy to obtain a permit for  hwy 51 (Riverside Drive) to 9th Street,  we have a customer that would like service, Chairman Hart advised we need to do the same as any customer that wants it run. Mark advised the customer is willing to pay his part.  Mark advised he has permits for bridge crossing and riverside drive but not for running the line down 9th street which will run $2,500. Board Member McKinnon made a motion to get the permit to carry it from riverside drive to Maddies Market, Board Member Mills seconded the motion,  Board Member Ridgeway asked who will be paying for the extension down 9th street. There was discussion on this.   Mark advised he will check with potential customers and get more information to have at the next meeting.  The motion is for $2,500 Engineer fees for force main expansion from Riverside drive to 9th Street (Maddies Market).  There was an discussion  Board Member Ridgeway asked if that motion was going to be for $5,000 ($2,500 to design it and up to $2,500 to inspect it, Mark stated that it may be a little bit more than the $2,500. Board Member McKinnon made a motion to move forward with the 9th Street Expansion.  Board Member Mills seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.

  3. Monthly Newsletter/Information:  Mark stated that Board Member McKinnon had asked about monthly newsletter spoke to Rhonda Downy and the Chamber for $100 a month she will construct a newsletter (monthly or however many times you want,) we will have to join the Chamber; it will go to members through e-mail and have a hard copy here. Board Member McKinnon made a motion to proceed with having a newsletter produced by Rhonda Downy for $100 month  or however many times you want to send it out, Board Member Mills seconded the motion the vote was 5 to 1 Board Member Ridgeway-No

  4. Water/Wastewater Update.  None

  5. Miscellaneous: None

            IX.                        Mark Logan:

Loan Application-Legal Opinion BBWA Resolution Asset Management:  Attorney Logan at the last meeting we discussed water facility plans that is part of the $27,500 loan for waste water planning, Engineer Murphy provided two resolutions.  The first removed cost of living adjustment revision, second one providing for application for state revolving fund $27,500.  Attorney Logan stated