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October 24, 2019




BBWA Board Members present:  W.C. Mills, Margaret Corbin, Howard Hart, Wendell McKinnon, Sean Murphy, and Stan Ridgeway.




BBWA Employees present:  Mark Reblin, Cindy Wood, and Keith Reed, (left early for customer call out).




Also present:  BBWA Engineer, Mike Murphy, and BBWA Attorney, Mark Logan.




I.          Call to Order:  Board Member Howard Hart called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


II.         Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance:  Board Member McKinnon gave the Invocation, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, led by Board Member Hart.


III.        Recognition and welcome to new Board Member Stan Ridgeway:  Board Member Hart


            welcomed new Taylor County, (2 year term), Stan Ridgeway, to the BBWA Board.  Mr. Hart stated Mr. Ridgeway is not new to BBWA, (he has served as a board member previously), but is serving as a new board member  representing Taylor County.  Mr. Hart asked Mr. Ridgeway if he would like to speak.  Mr. Ridgeway, thanked the board, and stated he did not have anything to say at this time.


IV.        Approval of Agenda:  Board Member Mills made a motion to approve the Agenda.  Board Member McKinnon seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.

V.         Appointment of New Floater, (Taylor County – 1 year position):  Board Member Hart stated a new BBWA board member floater, (Taylor County), needs to be seated on the Board, and if there are any nominations.  Board Member McKinnon made a motion to nominate Charlie Norwood for the Taylor County “floater” for the BBWA Board.  Board Member Mills seconded the motion.  There was discussion by the Board and then the Motion was voted on and carried by a vote of 4 (Corbin, Hart, Mills, and McKinnon) to 2 (Ridgeway and Murphy).   Board Member Ridgeway stated he had made a motion to nominate Mr. George Winton but there was already the pending Motion by Board Member McKinnon which was approved.  Attorney Logan explained to the board as to the legal aspects of the nominations, and voting procedures.  Board Member Ridgeway then made a Motion to Reconsider the prior vote and Board Member Murphy seconded the motion.     Board Member Ridgeway’s Motion failed by a vote of  2, (Ridgeway, and