Meeting Reports


engineer.  Mark said the county (Dixie) has approved the plans.  Mark told Clay he wanted to see the permits. Supposedly, permits have been issued for the infrastructure.  The sewer line extension job will need to be put out for bid.  Mark stated Maddie’s Market is very interested to connecting  to our sewer. This involves 9th St.  BBWA would need a 4 inch main transmission line.  We have already done an underground bore. Board Member Ridgeway stated Habitat for Humanity would be building a home in the area where the sewer line is to be routed.  Board Member McKinnon stated another customer (S. Kroll), is interested sewer near their property, located at Robin Lane, area of RVs. Mark stated there are several interested for sewer.  Board Member Ridgeway asked if we would need a Taylor County permit and what about DEP permitting.  More than likely it will need both.  Mark stated that we have to determine exactly what will be needed,  the size, costs, etc. in order to extend the sewer line.


            b. Asset Management Resolution:  Attorney Mark Logan explained that BBWA contracted with FRWA for the BBWA Asset Management Fiscal Sustainability Plan.  One of the things that is required is a resolution to approve the Asset Management Fiscal Sustainability Plan and to authorize by the Chairman of the Board.  Mark Reblin stated if anyone wants to review it, he has it available, (it holds approximately 100 pages.)  Engineer Mike Murphy said there is a “Water Facilities’ Plan,” and a “Wastewater Facilities’ Plan.”  The issue is there has to be enough documentation to satisfy DEP, showing leaks/leak issues, and transite pipe, (water). There is a list of projects, i.e. a Distribution study for $15,000.00, replacing transite/asbestos pipe for $1.5 million. The other costs are operational expenditures.  One is $185,000 for Annual Reserve fund.  The main thing they are pushing is rates (customer water/sewer rates).  Option 2 is for grant funds.  Mike said BBWA is in compliance for the Asset Mgmt.  Attorney Mark Logan stated he could not advise the Board to pass the Resolution, given with the requirements that DEP could mandate BBWA to implement COLA new water/sewer rates.  Board Member Ridgeway stated he would not approve the resolution if the rate change requirement (section 3), stays.  If it is removed, and BBWA is showing to DEP that we are showing we are financially stable.  Board Member Ridgeway made a motion to table the Resolution (#3) in order for BBWA contact DEP about removing the wording concerning adding rate increase.   Board Member Corbin seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.

            c. Miscellaneous:  Mike Murphy is speaking about WW Facilities Plan, primary issue is 50,000 gallons annual, and the WWP is permitted for 90,000 gallons.  Plant capacity is needed.  We are in compliance, but during Scallop Season, we are at full.  Any developments will add to our sewer flow/capacity.    There is an issue of WW Plant flooding during the previous August flooding.  Mike and Mark Reblin met to review about the WW plant buying property, and building a new wwplant.  Mike talked about this at length.    Board Member Ridgeway stated there are other developers that are in the area that would also add to the WWPlant.  Board Member Norwood verified to Mr. Murphy about the 2 new developments that will add to our WWPlant, and with calculations, we will be close to over capacity with our peak season.   Mr. Murphy agreed.  Board Member Norwood stated it does not make sense to add/expand the WWPlant with all the flooding issues, that it would be more feasible to find another