Meeting Reports


VIII.      Mark Reblin:


            a.         Water/Wastewater Update:  We pumped a lot of rain water.  We received the


                        TOC results back.  Mike will analyze that and get back to us.  Dixie and Taylor


                        Counties approved our new 2019-2020 Budget.


            b.         Miscellaneous:  Mark stated that we will install the security system in-house.


                        The quotes we received were too high.  We installed a new pump in today, and


                        a new blower today also.  We had a water leak and hopefully solved it today.


                        Mark said engineer Mike Murphy will bring the board up to speed concerning


                        the DEP hearing concerning the Wastewater facilities plan project funded. 


Mike stated that BBWA was approved for the planning and design (50/50 grant). 


Construction would be (85/15), he said BBWA will pay the funds, and then be reimbursed by BBWA.  Mike stated that the application for the sewer line extension project (Dixie County side- SRC and Jena Shores) was in process.  Board Member McKinnon made a motion to approve the


proposal for the agreement with DEP for the Facilities Plan cost share. The Authority’s portion/cost up front is approximately $27,500.00.  Board Member Mills seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.  There was then a discussion concerning the Jena Shores project  about the absence of a  permit, and the concern of the unpermitted  lift station being flooded.   Mark indicated that the representative of Jena Shores had requested cost estimates for the project but that those numbers were not yet available.


Water/Wastewater Garrett Dodd expressed his concerns as to the flooding at the  Wastewater Plant .  Access to the facility is difficult during floods.   He  stated he would like to see the new wastewater plant be located on higher ground.


IX.        Mark Logan:  None


X.         Board Members’ Requests:  Board Member Mills stated, “That he just felt like some


            keep on asking for what the costs, or what can be done, and wanting to know what


BBWA has that they need to do, like they want us to give it to them free, etc.  I think they just need to get their “stuff” together, and get the ball rolling, and stop making excuses,” Mr. Mills said.


XI.        Announcements:  The next Board meeting is Thursday, September 26, 2019, at 5:00




XII.       Adjournment:  Board Member Hart made a motion to adjourn.  Board Member Mills


            seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.  The meeting adjourned at 5:39












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Cindy Wood, Clerk                                                                 Charlie Norwood, Chairman       




                                                                                                Howard Hart, Vice Chair