Meeting Reports


b. New Vehicle Quotes:  Mark stated to the board the need for a couple of new work trucks. He stated he received 2 quotes (in board packet). BBWA Attorney Mark Logan advised we can use the State purchasing system and probably get a better deal.  Mr. Logan also advised General Manager Mark Reblin has the authority to purchase the vehicles.


c.  Security System Quotes:  Mark stated we received 2 quotes for security system .  There was a brief discussion about the price of the system.  Mark is going to get more quotes, Mark stated he installed his system himself.


d. Miscellaneous:  Mr. Don Drummond presented the board an invoice for services.  Mr. Drummond stated he feels he should receive payment for this service. Chairman Norwood advise Mr. Drummond to get a copy of itemized statement to Mark Reblin so it can be reviewed.  Mr. Drummond agreed he would get this information.


Mark advised Mr. Everett owner of Maddies Market requested sewer.  There was discussion of running a sewer line from Riverside to 1st Ave South. BBWA Engineer Mike Murphy advised hwy 358/Jena Shores/Steinhatchee River Club Sewer force main and drawing are complete. We are now waiting on the permit application to be sent and approved so we can move forward.                           


  1. Board Members’ Requests:  None

  2. Announcements: Next meeting will be August 22, at 5:00 p.m.

  3. Adjournment:  Board member Margaret Corbin made a motion to adjourn.  Board member Melvin Corbin III seconded the motion, meeting adjourned at 5:49 p.m.












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    Laura Valentine, Clerk                                               Charlie Norwood, Chairman