Meeting Reports


upcoming year.  Our best/busiest months are mainly July through September, which are yet to come.  We have thought of keeping the income the same as previously.


b.   Bank Account Changes due to Citizens’ State Bank being sold update:  Mark stated    


            Cindy had verified that BBWA cannot “run” any money thru the new VyStar Credit


            Union.  We have started the process of the paperwork of opening the bank accounts


            with Ameris Bank.  There was a brief discussion concerning of whether or not BBWA


should continue to accept cash or checks for payments.  Chairman Norwood stated,    “Due to the fact we have moved into the 21st Century, which we should consider not taking cash. Chairman Norwood said all of his customers pay with a card. Customers could buy a money order if needing to pay, or use a debit or credit card.  Board Member Margaret Corbin stated, “There are some customers who do not use a card, i.e my husband will not use a card anymore due to it being compromised.”


Board Member Hart said, “That he understood what Chairman Norwood is saying, but Steinhatchee is not at the place yet where everyone is using a debit or credit card.”  Board Member Hart stated, “That he has customers who have charge accounts with his store, but refuses to pay with a debit/credit card.  They pay with cash.”   Board Member Melvin Corbin, III, said, “He understands, but there are a lot of people that will not pay with debit/credit card.  They are going to pay with cash or check.  Some of the older people do not have a computer, or cell phone, and will pay their bills when they get their monthly check.”  GM Mark Reblin, stated, “He would like to see BBWA close the doors and put a drop box for the customers.”  He said, “He knew that was not feasible due to many customers we deal with on a daily basis; and we provide a service for the community.  Board Member Margaret Corbin said we are a service to the community, and we have some customers that if we do not receive the money when the customer has it, we will not get it that month.  Chairman Norwood stated he feels that we are taking a chance when carrying cash to the bank, especially with the bank being farther away, and someone being out or sick to make sure the deposit makes it to the bank.  Mark Reblin and Cindy Wood both stated we handle very little cash, and we are able to get change if we need it. The Board agreed to maintain the current policy as to cash payment.


            c.    Water/Wastewater update:  Mark stated he had previously mentioned the media


            at the Water Plant that is in need of being replaced.  During our “busy season” we have


            been averaging between 300,000 to 400,00 gallons a day for water.  The weekend of


            June 22 – 23, it spiked to approximately 600,000 gallons. 


            The Wastewater Plant averaged around 40,000 gallons a day flow, and 40,000 to 60,000


            gallons flow for the weekend.  Mike Murphy did speak with Perry, and said they will


            take our excess sewage if needed.  Mark said we would have to lease a tanker truck


            until we could purchase one.  Mark stated with the sewer line expansion, and the


            growth, it is imperative for us to enlarge the Wastewater Plant.


            d.   Hwy 358 Sewer Line Extension update:  Engineer Mike Murphy stated the survey


            has been completed.  We have not seen it as of this time, but it is finished.  Mark said


            that Mr. Spivey called and that Dixie County did approve the Jena Shores subdivision.


            Jody Griffis has not called us concerning Steinhatchee River Club. 


            e.    Approval of Beauchamp & Edwards, CPAs, Engagement Letter for Fiscal Year