Meeting Reports


            ending September 30, 2019:  Board Member Hart made a motion to approve the


            Beauchamp & Edwards, CPA, engagement letter for fiscal year September 30, 2019.


            Board Member Margaret Corbin seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.


            f.     Decision regarding Board Meeting dates & times:  Board Member Melvin Corbin III,        made a motion to move the meeting for July, August, and September 2019, to the 4th


            Thursday of the month at 5:00 p.m. (July 25, August 22, September 26), Board Member


            Margaret Corbin seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.


            g.     Miscellaneous:  Mark wants to increase the BBWA service area.  Our Inter-local


            agreement has a map attached showing our area.  Mark wants to capture a little down


            the Beach Road, on down to the Rocky Creek Road, on to South of Hwy 10, and North of


            Hwy 19.  With the area growing, plus the talk of the proposed toll roads, Mark said we


            need to add to our service area in order to keep someone from being able to build a


            Wastewater Plant/Water Plant.  Stan Ridgeway stated this is good idea in order to be


            prepared for the possible growth.  Attorney Mark Logan stated there are two ways to


            do exercise Authority rights outside the existing Service Area:  One – Pursuant to Section  2.03 (B) of the Authority’s Interlocal Agreement, to adopt a resolution by majority vote with the affirmative vote of the Commission Member from the County where the additional geographic are a is located voting in the Majority; and Two -  Pursuant to Section 7.06 of the Interlocal Agreement by Amending the Interlocal Agreement to contain a new Service Areas with a map and “metes and bound” description of the new Service Area.  In either case, a map of the area to be added is required.  The discussion continued


            for a time.


IX.        Mike Murphy:


            a.   Proposal from the Florida Rural Water Association:  Engineer Mike Murphy stated


            we need to expedite the report immediately because they run in cycles when reviewing


proposed plans.  This is concerning the expansion of the Wastewater plant.  The most we can get for planning and designing is 50% grant.  FRWA basically takes you from planning to construction.  This is step 2 we are talking about tonight.  Mike said we need to file the papers for request for inclusion.  Mark stated he would like to see how our numbers look; and that we do not have to spend the total $27500.00.  Mike Murphy said it is broken down into steps.  The step for Request for Inclusion is $10,000.00.  Board Member Margaret Corbin made a motion to authorize Mike Murphy to file the


Request for Inclusion with DEP, and Mike will keep up with his time.  Board Member


Melvin Corbin, III, seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.


X.         Mark Logan: None.


            Miscellaneous:  None.


XI.        Board Members’ Requests:  Vice-Chairman Hart stated he appreciates everyone serving


            with the Board.  If anyone has an issue with the 5:00 p.m. change for the meetings, I


            recommend we go back to 6:00 p.m. if needed.  Chairman Norwood thanked Mr. Hart,


            and let us see how it goes and go from there.


XII.       Announcements:  The next scheduled Board Meeting is Thursday, July 25, 2019, at 5:00


            p.m.  The Public Hearing will be at 4:445 p.m. prior to the Board Meeting.  It will be


            advertised in both the Dixie and Taylor newspapers.


XIII.      Adjournment:  There being no further business, Board Member Hart made a motion to