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MAY 28, 2019


BBWA Board Members present:  Charlie Norwood, W.C. Mills, Margaret Corbin, and Wendell McKinnon Absent:  Howard Hart, Melvin Corbin, III, and Sean Murphy.


BBWA Employees present:  Mark Reblin, and Cindy Wood.


Also present:  BBWA Engineer, Mike Murphy.


I.          Call to Order:  Chairman Norwood called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

II.         Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance:  Board Member McKinnon gave the Invocation,

            followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, also led by Mr. McKinnon.

III.        Approval of Agenda:  Board Member Mills made a motion to approve the Agenda.

            Board Member McKinnon seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.

IV.        Approval of March 26, 2019, Board Meeting Minutes (No April meeting):  Board

            Member Mills made a motion to approve the March 26, 2019, meeting minutes.  Board

            Member McKinnon seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous.

V.         James Moore, CPA’s and Accountants:  Presentation of BBWA 2017-2018 Final Audit

            By Brendan McKitrick:  Brendan McKitrick (Manager), and Zach Chalifour (Partner)

            presented the 2017-2018 power point (hard copy), of the audit as well as a bound copy

            for the Board to review.  As was stated, there were no material weaknesses, or any signs

            of deficiencies. Brendan stated during the audit it was noted the Authority should be

            aware of the unbilled water revenue that should be recorded in a prior year and

to record an adjustment in the current year. This is basically concerning due to when    reading meters for any given month; there is not a way to bill the customer for the complete month.  Brendan stated he had discussed this with Robert Beauchamp, and Mr. Beauchamp does not see this as being an issue.  The customer is being billed monthly, and the part that does not show up in one month, will be billed the following month.

Brendan noted in their auditors’ findings of random testing of a customer’s utility billing was not being charged the designated usage fees for wastewater.  They were being charged the minimum base rate only.  We noted that the General Manager Mark Reblin had authorized for this change due to an issue with a shared meter.  The customer in question is the Gulf Breeze Pool meter.  It was noted there is a small bathroom, as well as the pool, and the dock all tied into the water meter.  The wastewater is a minimum