Meeting Reports




b.         Water/Wastewater:  The media in the filters in the ground storage tanks is in


need of being replaced.  It has been approximately 5 years since the center tank was


changed out.  An estimated cost for replacing the carbon for the 3 tanks is $60,000 to $70,000, ($20,000 per tank.) 


c.         Hwy 358 Sewer Line Extension:  Mike Murphy explained the issue of dividing


the cost of extending the sewer line.  The total estimated price is $75,000.00, and that


could be change.    The cost would be divided between BBWA at a cost of approximately


$32,588.00, Jena Shores at approximately $21,875.00, and Steinhatchee River Club at


approximately $20,537.00.  The calculations for Jena Shores is based on 70 home sites


at $312.00 per lot, Steinhatchee River Club is based on 79 RV sites at $260.00 per site, and BBWA’s portion of the share of line cost is 44 lots at $740.00 per lot.  The approximate impact fee/hook-up for Jena Shores is 70 home sites at $2500.00 per site is


$175,000.00.  The approximate impact fee/hook-up for Steinhatchee River Club is 79 RV sites at $750.00 per site is $59,250.00.  BBWA would benefit from any other lots in between that may tie in to the sewer.  It is based on distance, and the flow.  There was an in depth discussion of the cost, and flow for the sewer line extension.  Mark stated the only cost that is not figured is due to the installation of pipe.  Chairman Norwood stated if Jena Shores does not pay their portion in a timely manner with the sewer line extension, the cost does not remain the same.  Chairman Norwood asked about the capacity of the WWTP during peak/scallop season.  Mark stated we are permitted at 50,000 gallons per day.  The running total average is ok.    Memorial Day weekend we have exceeded our wwtp capacity, but we have in the past, and have been able to continue run the wwtp.   If needed, tankers could be brought in to pump it until the wastewater tank levels go down.  Mike Murphy stated it may be possible to transport the wastewater overage to either Perry or Cross City to take it at their Wastewater Plant.   Mark stated it will take approximately 2 years to increase the size of Wastewater Plant capacity.  Mike Murphy said there are only 2 times a year that you can try to get a funding from the state.  He stated that BBWA can do the planning & design that will help speed up the process.  The Board continued a discussion about wastewater capacity, and being able to serve the new businesses wanting to come on board.  SRClub


stated they do not expect to be on BBWA’s sewer at this time.  We do expect to be ready for next scallop season.  Stan Ridgeway stated the Board needs to encourage Mike Murphy and Mark Reblin to get the WWTP capacity engineered and designed as soon as possible.  I have heard this topic discussed for 6 months.


d.         Miscellaneous:  Mark said he wants to expand the BBWA service area.  As of now, we have a designated area, but would like the option to expand it.  The area is growing, and we need to think about the people 20 years from now that will be living in this area.


XI.        Mark Logan:  Absent


XII.       Board Members’ Requests:  None